Yeah I've Cried Those Tears Before…

{December 16, 2011}   You Never Know….

Who am I?  I figured I’ve posted 11 posts and you don’t know that much about who I actually am, therefore, I’m going to do the obscure ’50 things about me’ post!  Fair warning, the first few posts, I’m going to group a few ‘things’ facts together, because I think it’s quite stupid to post a random thing just saying my age!   Let’s get this thing rolling!

1. My name is Janet.  I was born August 13, 1985 in Buffalo, New York.

2. I currently reside in Frisco, Texas, however, I have lived in New York twice in my life, Texas three times in my life, and Kansas once in my life.

3. I barely remember living in Kansas.  We only lived there, in 2 separate cities, for a little less than 2 years, from the ages of 13 months old until right before I turned 3.

4. What I remember from Kansas is my brother pushing me down our small staircase, and my brother and I having the chicken pox and staring out the sliding glass door at my sister playing in the snow.  That’s about it!

5.  We moved to Texas a week before I turned three and lived in a Holiday Inn for 3 weeks because the closing on our kept being pushed back.  My mom says it was the worst 3 weeks of her life!  An 8-year-old, 5-year-old, and a 3-year-old, living in a hotel room with two adults.  Yuck!

6. I remember when we finally got into the house, my brother and I were playing with trains in the hallway and one of the movers yelled at me to get out-of-the-way, and my brother, age 5, yelled, “HEY!  YOU BE NICE TO MY JANET!”  Obviously, I’ve had him wrapped around my finger (and still do!) since a very young age.

7. I honestly don’t know all too much about my medical history from when I was a baby.  I’ve asked my parents but they say it’s too difficult to talk about.  I know I wasn’t suppose to live as long as I have lived. I was never supposed to walk, talk, or ride a bike.  Obviously, I’ve done all of the above.

8.  When I was born I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. and I couldn’t swallow food on my own.  All of my food was given to me via feeding tube.  I’m not sure for exactly HOW long, but I know it was well until we lived in Kansas, so I was at least past the age of one.  My mom had to call a nurse whenever I needed to eat and she’d come give me food via the feeding tube.

9. I started wearing glasses at the age of 8 months old.  I don’t know how old I was when I began to walk, but I know I was later than most.  I didn’t learn to tie a shoe until the 3rd grade.  Also, I learned to ride a bike without training wheels when I was 10 in the summer of 1996.

10. My best friend is a guy.  I’ve known him since we were 3 years old and we met at the park by our house.  I went and visited him in September and we went to a concert together.  He took a picture of us and posted it on a Facebook.  My brother and his sister both commented about how much we look related.  We also went out to two bars that night and EVERYONE thought we were related.  It something we are totally used to after 23 years of friendship and we usually just go with it and say we are siblings.  It’s just more fun that way!

11. At the end of September I bought a brand new 2011 Silver Nissan Versa hatchback that had 102 miles on it.  as of last night, it had 836 miles on it.  Obviously, I don’t get out that much.

12. Off the top of my head, I’ve had 14 surgeries in my life.  Brain, nose, eyes, feet, Achilles, hernia.

13. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was a double feature…The Lion King and Aladdin I slept through The Lion King.

14.  My brothers’ nickname for me is Pop-Tart.  I’m hard on the outside, but I’m soft on the inside.  Can you tell I don’t like talking about how I feel?  He’s the only one he can really break down my walls.

15.  Speaking of Pop-Tarts, or, food for that matter…I’ve been craving IHOP for well over a month now, and my brother is taking me there for breakfast either Thursday or Friday.  He agreed to it the other day via text message to which I responded “If you’re nice, I’ll even let you pay! 🙂 I’m the best sister ever, I know!” to which he responded “Totally, I’ll have to be extra nice, I guess!”  Reason number 23947239 why I love him!

16. Him and I have almost gotten in SCREAMING fights in the middle of restaurants over who is going to pay.  He always wins.  He NEVER lets me pay.  It pisses me off.

17. I really HATE Mariah Carey, all though, I think my ALL TIME favorite Christmas song is Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You”!

18. I bought the movie ‘Friends With Benefits’ the day it came out. Ever since, I’ve been ADDICTED to the song ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic!

19. I have to go to the AT&T store today.  the iPod on my iPhone is not playing songs correctly.  I have to touch the song ABOVE the song I want to hear to actually hear it.  Does that make sense?  Probably not, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it!

20. I’m the only left-handed person in my family.  I like setting the table for dinner.  It pisses my sister off drives my sister nuts when I set the table for lefties!

21.  My sister and I only get along about 2 percent of the time.  And no, that is NOT an exaggeration,

22.  I live with my mother, my father, my 31-year-old sister, and my 8 month old nephew, Adrian!

23.  I have Chiari 1 Malformation and Syringomyelia.  Basically my brain was at one point crushing my spinal cord, and I had a massive cerebral spinal fluid build up in my spinal cord.

24.  My first neurosurgeon left 3 staples in my brain.  They were in there for almost 3 years.  I have the staples.

25. Due to my medical condition, me and my family agree that it’s pretty much not an option for me to ever live alone.

26. Due to the fact that I’ve decided that I don’t want to get married or be in any sort of relationship, I’ve come to the realization and accepted that I’m going to live with my parents forever.  I’m totally cool with it.  My mom and I are kind of BFF’s, ya know!  🙂

27.  I AM an insomniac.  One to two nights a week, I don’t sleep at all.  I decided tonight, in a fit of insomnia, that I ‘d like to start collecting something.  Something different.  Not like, hats, or scarfs, or pins.  Something that involves something I LOVE!  I want to start collecting Starbucks mugs with city names on them.  I want to get as many different city mugs as possible!  I think it would be cool!   So if anyone would be willing to buy me a mug and mail it to me, let me know, and I will mail them a check for the cost of the mug, and the shipping cost!

28.  When I go to Starbucks I either get: A) Venti 8 pump Vanilla Latte.  B) Venti 10 pump Iced Vanilla Latte with very very VERY light icec or  C) Trenta iced coffee with 3 shots of espresso.  And, please note, if you pronounce espresso with an “X” sound, I will forever want to cut you, and you really don’t deserve to be drinking it!

29. My niece Danica was born on August 8, 2009 and my nephew Adrian was born on April 12, 2011.  I didn’t get to meet Danica until August 22nd.  The first time I saw her and held her, I said “Oh my god, You’re Such A Doll, My Dear!”  Months later, my favorite band, Hanson released a song called ‘And I Waited’ and “You’re Such A Doll, My Dear” was lyric from the song.  When I met Taylor Hanson on November 1st, 2010, I had him write on the lyrics, and on November 8, 2010, I had them tattooed on my back.  Danica now always has my back!   I met Adrian when he was about  2 hours old.  I have a tattoo planned for him that involves numbers, however, I’m waiting until he is older and figures out his favorite color so I can get it in his favorite color, which I’m about 99.9% sure will be blue, since he’s a boy and all!

30. My niece, Danica, finally just learned how to give actual kisses.  When she was here last night, her and I were playing “Night Night” where we pretend to goto sleep, and then she wakes me up by screaming “SURPRISE!” I dragged the game on for almost an hour, because every time we went “Night Night” I got a REAL kiss from her.  It was the best feeling in the world!

31. I am addicted to Starbucks Coffee, TOMS Shoes, Scarfs, my RayBan glasses and my red RayBan sunglasses, and Vera Bradley.  My favorite Vera Bradley pattern is ‘Buttercup.’  I went in there not to long ago just to look around and I nearly broke down in tears when the lady working told me that Buttercup was being retired!  I also LOVE Folkloric and Loves Me!

32. I can not remember a day in my life when we have been out of M&Ms in my house.  Seriously.  My mom, my sister, and me, we are all addicted.  My sister and I prefer plain, while my mom prefers peanut.

33. As Amazing Greis wrote on her 100 random thing list,  I too, have seen every episode of Survivor.  I will one up her, and go as far as saying I’ve also seen every episode of Big Brother!

34. My name was going to be Jacqueline, however, my brother couldn’t say Jacqueline so my parents changed it to Janet.  I HATE the name Janet and have been considering legally changing my name for years.  I’m just not quite sure what I would change it to.

35.  My favorite color is purple.  It has been all my life.  The Chiari (see number 23) awareness ribbon color is also purple, which is totally awesome for me!  Danica’s favorite color is also purple!  I swear, she is a woman after my own heart!

36.  In the fall of 2007, I decided I wanted to dye my hair Strawberry Blonde, my mom has been dying her and my sisters hair for many many years, so my mom and I picked out the color and dyed it in our basement on a Friday night.  My hair did NOT come out Strawberry Blonde though.  It came out Bozo-The-Clown ORANGE!!!!

37. This random fact is currently being written in my local Apple store as I wait at the ‘Genius Bar’ for a ‘Genius’ to look at my iPhone regarding random fact number 19.  P.S.  The guy just scared the living hell out of me coming to help me.  I just jumped out of my seat!

38. The dude at the Apple store uploaded all my picture from my phone to to my computer the other day!  I think my next post is going to be pictures!  Wahoo!  Cute pictures of kiddos!  Things and places I love….That really makes me wish I didn’t delete a lot of the pictures I did delete…Damn!

39.  This post was originally going to be 100 random things, after about 20, I cut it down to 50.  I didn’t really expect myself to write nearly an entire paragraph for each random fact.  Go me!

40.  For Christmas, (which is either going to be Saturday or Sunday here due to my brothers work schedule (I am most excited for Danica to her toy cash register, and for Adrian to see his new bike thingy, even though he’ll totally just be into the box, or the paper!)

41. I gave my brother his Ducati motorcycle backpack on Thursday.  I haven’t seen him that happy in a VERY long time.  He hugged me so tightly, I fell over.  He then told me how great of a sister I was, and how much he loved me.  I love spoiling the people I love the most in my life.

42. Even though we have an abundance of cookies in the freezer, today when Danica comes over, we’re going to make a batch of (pre-packaged) chocolate chip cookies.  She (we) likes to eat cookie dough and I’m in the mood to bake, so I feel its a win-win situation for a Friday morning!

43. Yes, I do realize I started this blog entry on Monday, December 12, 2011, and I’m finally finishing it on Friday, December 16, 2011!  At least I am finishing it though!  Numbers 1-37 were written on Monday, while 38-50 were Friday Morning!

44. The Dallas Mavericks are doing an open to the public practice tonight that my dad and brother are going to and they want me to go with them.  I totally WANT to go.  I mean, I AM a Mavs fan…I’ve got the shirt…Hello Dirk!  And now that they’ve got Lamar Odom, it’d be pretty cool to go see him, but I don’t think I can handle doing all the walking, so I think I’ll just sit at home with Mom, watch some Christmas movies, and eat some M&M’s for the night!  🙂

45.My chick best friend is Marissa, and her nickname that *everyone* calls her is Marmy.  I don’t know why, but I don’t think I have I once ever referred to her as Marmy.  I either call her Mar or Marissa!

46. Tonight at dinner, we had pork chops, and Danica had a hot dog.  Danica was sitting next to me.  I put a piece of pork chop in my mouth and she started SCREAMING that she just HAD.TO.HAVE. the piece of pork chop I put in my mouth of she was just going to die.  I finally gave in, put the piece of meat in her mouth, she chewed it for about 5 seconds and went “Ewww, Na Nanet!  Yucky!” pulled it out, and put it back in my mouth.  And yes, I totally ate the piece of meat.

47. IHOP New York Style Cheesecake Pancake…DELICIOUS!

48. Apparently, yesterday was National Cupcake Day, and I didn’t find out until late in the day.  I had a cupcake Monday….does that count?  It’s still the same week!  And it was a Carrot Cake Cupcake!  And Oh MY God!  It was soooo good!

49. I never, in my wildest dreams thought I could write a blog post over 2,000 worsts long, but this post, has surpassed that, by over 400 words!  I am completely shocked, and proud of myself!

50.  I wear 4 rings every day.  They only come off when I shower.  A diamond ring I bought myself to pose as an engagement ring.  I don’t plan on getting married.  My Hanson symbol ring.  The ring my Dad and grandmother bought me the day I was born, and my pink sapphire ring.  I feel naked without them!  I also always wear a Chiairi awareness bracelet and a medical alert bracelet!.

There’s a little bit (a lot!) about me!  Now you know!


{August 20, 2011}   And I Waited

Here is my birthday post, which I actually typed the majority of out on my actual birthday, however, I haven’t gotten around to finishing the rest of until now!

Last Saturday began with my sister wishing me a Happy Birthday promptly at midnight, followed by her wishing me a Happy Birthday on Facebook, because of course, she has to do both, of course!

The morning of my birthday I was greeted by pouring rain, which was a nice sight to see, seeing it hasn’t rained here in about a million years almost two months.  I went back to bed, because, it was my birthday, and I do what I want, and woke up when my dad got home from the airport from his business trip from California and Brazil.  We visited and then he took a shower and went to bed.  At that time, I had a migraine start to form and I decided that it was time for me to go back to bed.

I woke up a few hours later, showered, and headed out to a late lunch/early dinner with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, sister, niece, and nephew at a local Mexican restaurant.  I devoured some chicken enchiladas which were delicious and had a WONDERFUL strawberry margarita on the rocks.  Despite the animosity between my brother and sister, the meal went off without any fireworks, so I felt extremely fortunate!

For my birthday, I received: Vera Bradley Zip ID Case, Vera Bradley Accordion Wallet, cash, chocolate, Starbucks gift card, Target gift card, Lucille Ball DVD, Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, and cards.

We also had vanilla cupcakes and champagne birthday cake!

It was a wonderful birthday.  Honestly the best birthday I remember ever having.  Minus the migraine, of course.

{August 13, 2011}   Being Me

This morning, I woke up to my alarm going off at 6:54 am and gleefully hit the snooze button while rolling over and shutting my eyes, waiting for Hanson’s version of  ‘Change In My Life” to start back up in two minutes.  About thirty seconds later, I heard my Mom quietly sneak into my room.  And then…it had begun…as it always does on August 12th…for as long as I can remember.

I heard the sniffle.  I opened my eyes and tiredly looked up at her, knowing EXACTLY what to expect.  The sadness.  The exact same words I hear every words on the day before my birthday.  Even if I didn’t live at home on my birthday, I’d get a phone call the day before my birthday with the crying call.

To spare you all the sappy details, it’s basically about a five minute long cry fest about how her baby is growing up so fast and today I got the “I can’t believe my baby is going to be twenty-six!”  She finally calmed down until she was leaving for work, hugged me tightly and said “Goodbye twenty-five!”  I gave her an odd look and reminded her that she’d see me this evening.  Now I’ll just have to deal with her whining before she goes to bed, and then the “Oh my goodness, my baby is twenty-six” cry first thing in the morning!

I spent the morning hanging out with sweet Danica.  She turned two on Monday and my mom, Julia and I went out to dinner, with Danica of course, and then we all devoured cake at our house!  It was a lovely evening!

It was lovely to hang out with Danica and not watch a SINGLE moment of Chuggington, which is her latest addiction!  It was a cute TV show about trains the first 4 or 5 times I saw it, however, after watching it 2384729 times, I just want to burn the DVD in the fireplace.  We did watch Phineas and Ferb though, so that was a win, I’m pretty into that show!

While visiting with Danica, my friend, Sallie stopped by to drop off a Scentsy order that my mother had placed.  Sallie has been kind enough to set up a Chiari fundraiser in which 100% of the profits will be donated to Conquer Chiari through the end of September!  She also has a special going where some of her products are on sale!  So if you’d like to take advantage of the sale, and help a great cause, you can do so by clicking here and placing your order.

Afterwards, I had to run to the local Kohl’s.  The Kohl’s by me has parking on two sides of the store only has disabled parking on one side.  Sadly, there are only FOUR disabled parking spots.  Today, as I approached to park, I noticed three of the spots were already taken.  I was already feeling very tired and weak and had a killer migraine and was thankful for that one last open parking spot up close!

As I approached the spot, someone took the spot, so I had to park further away.  I got out of my car and walking in I saw the man who took the parking spot.  He was probably in his mid thirties, perfectly dressed, yelling into his iPhone and practically running into the store….Something just didn’t seem right.

As I walked by his silver Toyota, I noticed that he did not have handicap license plates, NOR did he have a placard.  This made me very upset.

I called the local police department non-emergency number and reported the car for being parked illegally.  When I came out of Kohl’s about 15 minutes later, I noticed a ticket hanging on the mans windshield.  I honestly don’t feel bad about my decission.

After my sister and my sweet nephew, Adrian, arrived, my brother kidnapped me for the evening to go to the mall so I could pick out my birthday present!  You’d think being a girl I’d love running into the mall my brother pretty much told me to pick out whatever I wanted with no real price limit!  However, after they didn’t have the $42 wallet I wanted, but did have the $46 wallet, Philip happily offered to buy me that wallet.  I felt bad about the cost (nearly $50 with tax) so I offered to split it with him) however, he refused.  He also got me a food court dinner and insisted on me owning a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt.  I think I have the best brother in the world.  He’s a total keeper!

This weekend shall be exciting.  Family dinner for my birthday tomorrow.  Sunday is Danica’s second birthday party!  Should be exciting!

et cetera