Yeah I've Cried Those Tears Before…

{August 13, 2011}   Being Me

This morning, I woke up to my alarm going off at 6:54 am and gleefully hit the snooze button while rolling over and shutting my eyes, waiting for Hanson’s version of  ‘Change In My Life” to start back up in two minutes.  About thirty seconds later, I heard my Mom quietly sneak into my room.  And then…it had begun…as it always does on August 12th…for as long as I can remember.

I heard the sniffle.  I opened my eyes and tiredly looked up at her, knowing EXACTLY what to expect.  The sadness.  The exact same words I hear every words on the day before my birthday.  Even if I didn’t live at home on my birthday, I’d get a phone call the day before my birthday with the crying call.

To spare you all the sappy details, it’s basically about a five minute long cry fest about how her baby is growing up so fast and today I got the “I can’t believe my baby is going to be twenty-six!”  She finally calmed down until she was leaving for work, hugged me tightly and said “Goodbye twenty-five!”  I gave her an odd look and reminded her that she’d see me this evening.  Now I’ll just have to deal with her whining before she goes to bed, and then the “Oh my goodness, my baby is twenty-six” cry first thing in the morning!

I spent the morning hanging out with sweet Danica.  She turned two on Monday and my mom, Julia and I went out to dinner, with Danica of course, and then we all devoured cake at our house!  It was a lovely evening!

It was lovely to hang out with Danica and not watch a SINGLE moment of Chuggington, which is her latest addiction!  It was a cute TV show about trains the first 4 or 5 times I saw it, however, after watching it 2384729 times, I just want to burn the DVD in the fireplace.  We did watch Phineas and Ferb though, so that was a win, I’m pretty into that show!

While visiting with Danica, my friend, Sallie stopped by to drop off a Scentsy order that my mother had placed.  Sallie has been kind enough to set up a Chiari fundraiser in which 100% of the profits will be donated to Conquer Chiari through the end of September!  She also has a special going where some of her products are on sale!  So if you’d like to take advantage of the sale, and help a great cause, you can do so by clicking here and placing your order.

Afterwards, I had to run to the local Kohl’s.  The Kohl’s by me has parking on two sides of the store only has disabled parking on one side.  Sadly, there are only FOUR disabled parking spots.  Today, as I approached to park, I noticed three of the spots were already taken.  I was already feeling very tired and weak and had a killer migraine and was thankful for that one last open parking spot up close!

As I approached the spot, someone took the spot, so I had to park further away.  I got out of my car and walking in I saw the man who took the parking spot.  He was probably in his mid thirties, perfectly dressed, yelling into his iPhone and practically running into the store….Something just didn’t seem right.

As I walked by his silver Toyota, I noticed that he did not have handicap license plates, NOR did he have a placard.  This made me very upset.

I called the local police department non-emergency number and reported the car for being parked illegally.  When I came out of Kohl’s about 15 minutes later, I noticed a ticket hanging on the mans windshield.  I honestly don’t feel bad about my decission.

After my sister and my sweet nephew, Adrian, arrived, my brother kidnapped me for the evening to go to the mall so I could pick out my birthday present!  You’d think being a girl I’d love running into the mall my brother pretty much told me to pick out whatever I wanted with no real price limit!  However, after they didn’t have the $42 wallet I wanted, but did have the $46 wallet, Philip happily offered to buy me that wallet.  I felt bad about the cost (nearly $50 with tax) so I offered to split it with him) however, he refused.  He also got me a food court dinner and insisted on me owning a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt.  I think I have the best brother in the world.  He’s a total keeper!

This weekend shall be exciting.  Family dinner for my birthday tomorrow.  Sunday is Danica’s second birthday party!  Should be exciting!


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